Company Registration in Spain

Spain offers various opportunities for investors looking to start a new business and for international companies willing to expand their services on the local market. The country has an open economy and a good logistics infrastructure, combined with a skilled and multilingual workforce and a good environment for business owners and expatriates.

Types of Company Registration in Spain

The accredited and legal institutes which are known in Spain business system as bellow: Limited Liability Company registration (Ltd), this type of company registration is one of the most well-known company registrations in Spain. According to statistics, 98 percent of companies choose this type of company registration because of their freedom of action and low liability.

  • Public Joint Stock Company
  • European Private Company
  • Civil Participatory Company
  • Private Joint Stock Company
  • Co-Operative Company

Process of Company Registration in Spain:

  • Ensure you have a foreigner’s tax identification number (NIE)
  • Register the company name with the Mercantile Registry (Registro Mercantil Central or RMC)
  • Get a company tax identification number (CIF)
  • Open a business bank account
  • Sign the deed of incorporation
  • Register the company
  • Register for social security

Requirements for Company Registration in Spain

  • Certificate of Employment
  • Ownership Original Document
  • Paper copy of Bank account statement
  • Company official documents
  • Intent letter for travel
  • Copy and scanned passport of the in- person
  • Translated form of criminal record certificate
  • Insurance Letter
  • Book a round trip ticket
  • Color photo of the applicant's spouse and entourage

Benefits of Company Registration in Spain

  • Having access to European Markets
  • Possible to apply for Spain permanent residence after passing three years
  • Allowance of Schengen residence
  • Opening business bank account
  • Possible to apply for Spanish Passport after passing five years
  • Ownership of 10% corporate income
  • Possible to use European Brand
  • Free commercial law and customs in European Union
  • Easy to get Visa for other countries  

NIE and NIF in Spain

The applicable Spanish legislation currently requires that any individual or legal entity with economic or professional interests in Spain, or involved in a relevant way for tax purposes, must hold a tax identification number (in the case of legal entities) or a foreigner identity number (for individuals). In particular, and among other cases, a N.I.F. /N.I.E. must be applied for when a foreign investor makes a direct investment in Spain or in the case of a shareholder or director of an entity resident in Spain or of a foreign entity’s branch or permanent establishment located in Spain.

Cost/ fees of Company Registration in Spain

The fees of company registration in Spain is varying and depending on the company’s investment range, number of partners, license type and so on. On average EUR 550 is needed to set up a business in Spain if that is a stock type. And EUR 3,000 should be added as the capital and deposit of the company. For example, the cost of the company registration in Spain is EUR 6000 if that is Limited Liability Company. Call our senior advisors about the exact fees.