about Obtaining a Economic Code

What is an economic code

It is a 12 figure number by which a company can perform its tax-related affairs, make dossiers and provide official invoices so that it can receive value-added.

Why must we obtain an economic code

After two month past registration date, an economic code must be obtained. In the absence of an economic code, tenders, exhibitions, official invoice, value-added and declaration shall not be passed.

What is a tax area designation

After registering the company, it shall be determined that among 8 tax areas which one the company shall relate to and make dossier in the same area.

Why should we designate a tax area

A tax area must be designated right after the company registration. In case tax area not designated and companies’ address changes, the company registration number shall be lucked on the taxes and the CEO must refer the tax administration office to explain his failure to obtain a code.

What are the required conditions for obtaining private economic code

Official license, identity documents, business Official license, identity documents, business license (if needed) and a copy of the certificate.) and a copy of the certificate.

What are the required conditions for obtaining company economic code

The property must have an official look, official license with tracking code and, of course, a representative of the tax administrative office shall visit the property. East of Tehran (the document must be official).

What are the required documents for obtaining economic code

Official license of the company, copy of the owner’s identity document, bill and confirmation, registration documents, signature document, register book and the original document of power of attorney.

Is it possible to obtain a commercial card without economic code

It can not be obtained due to Tax File Number (TFN).

Is it possible to register for value-added tax without economic code

No, there must be a code to obtain a confirmation from the tax system and ultimately, registration for the value-added tax shall be done.

Consider a company where it is registered but the economic code hasn’t bee obtained. What would happen

The company will be fined, it will be a dormant company due to taxes and no changes can be applied.

What does half per thousand mean

After receiving economic code within the first two months, half per thousand of the capital shall be paid to the Tax Administration Office.

When would be the time of payment for half per thousand

It is important to obtain the code and the payment can be done at the time of receiving a settlement certificate or tax affairs.

How can we obtain economic code at a free-trade zone

Documents Related to Value-Added: Official Invoice of Purchase and Sale, Official Lease Contract of the Company, Bill (If Existed) and Commercial Card (Customs Green Sheet) To obtain the code, handle tax affairs, register on the website about. ir, establish dossier of added value, verify, issue all required dossiers, inquiry for the tax liability, provide all the value-added declarations, settle debts and request for the issuance of the certification.