Company Registration in Free-Trade Zone

How is the registration of a company in the free-trade zone being done

Firstly, the real official place must be leased; after that, a name shall be designated for all of the documents required, e.g., articles of association, declaration, and the articles of the partnership. Next, a license for Customs activities and then the registration number of legal advertisement shall be obtained and printing in the newspaper done

How much time is needed for the registration of company in the free-trade zone

At least 1 month (in case all the documents are complete and the place for the company is real, the time of registration shall take 1 week)

What are the benefits of registering a company in the free-trade zone

In case of being active the free-trade zone, companies shall be free of taxes, exportation faster, the place for the company must be real and the company shall have ability to invest in the zone.

What documents are required for the registration of a company at the free-trade zone

Copies of identity documents (identity certificate and identity card) certified by notary public, signature certificate of the CEO, granting notarized power of attorney to the local advocate, 3/4 photo of the CEO and the military service completion card of the CEO in case being a man.

What type of companies can be registered in the free-trade zone

Usually, privately held and limited liability companies can be registered in the free-trade zone; however, it is possible for the publicly listed company to be registered.

What are the differences between a free-trade zone and special economic zone

The free - trade zone include Qeshm, Bandar Anzali, Aras and Arvand and they are free of taxes and Customs taxes shall not be applied. The special economic zones include Payam, Salafchegan special economic zones, following free - trade zone, Customs taxes shall not be applied for the economical and production activities but they shall not be free of taxes.

How many years is considered for the tax exemption

23 years.

What are the requirements of tax exemption

In case all the activities are in the zone, e.g., Kish free-trade zone or importation and exportations are performed in the same zone or other free-trade zones, e.g., Qeshm and Bandar Anzali, the tax exemption shall not be applied in the company; however, for the companies being active in the original zone, the companies shall not free of taxes and they must have a real office at the zone.

Depending on the activity type, what shall be your recommendation for choosing an appropriate free-trade zones

It shall be differed depending on the importation, e.g., Kish zone shall be better for chocolate and coffee. Unusually, free-trade zones of Kish, Qeshm and Chabahar are recommended for:

  • Importation/ exportation of items from/to China
  • Arabian countries and other countries that are active near the south

Free-trade zones of Bandar Anzali, Aras and Maku are recommended for activities with Europe, Turkey and countries at the north of Iran.