Foreing Agency Registration

What is a Foreing Agency

An Agency that is granted to an Iranian company or a natural person by a foreign company.

Why registration of foreign agencies at Iran is required

For importation to be facilitated and be placed in the free economy flow.

How is the registration of the Iranian agency being done

All of the registration documents of the Iranian company, last year's balance sheet and the letter related to branch to define the scope of authority of managers must be approved by the related Embassy in Iran.

What are the documents required for the registration of foreign agencies

To provide registration documents of the parent company, the positive financial statement of the parent company, to provide a letter of the agency to the natural person or legal person in Iran and all the documents must be approved by the official certified translation and Iran embassy at the related country.

Which organization does register foregin agency

Company Registration Office.

What is the scope of authority of a foreign agency at Iran

In accordance with the content of agency letter and designation of the scope of authority by the parent company.