Tax Affairs

What is note (4) article 186 of direct taxes act is about

The Iranian National Tax Administration shall be obliged to provide the State Organization for Registration of Real Estates and Properties with the list of legal persons who have been considered as“inactive” for five years. The above-mentioned organization shall be obliged, as of the date of provision of the said list, to restrict the registration of any changes in those legal persons to the acquisition of tax settlement certificates from the Iranian National Tax Administration.

What is article 86 of direct taxes act is about

The payers of salaries are obligated, when paying or allocating the same, to compute and withhold therefrom the applicable taxes in view of Article (85) of this Act and to remit, up to the end of the next subsequentmonth4, the deducted amounts together with a list containing the amount of salaries, names and addresses of recipients, to the local Tax Affairs Office.In subsequent months, the changes of the list should only be reported Note: Payments made by employers to real persons other than their own employees who are not subject to payment of retirement or insurance contributions, under such titles as consultation fees, meetings attendance fees, teaching fees, or study and research fees, shall be taxed at the flat rate of 10%, without taking into account the exemption referred to in Article (84) of this Act.

What is article 169 of direct taxes act is about

Legal persons and owners of businesses subject to this Act whoare required, upon the announcement of the Iranian National TaxAdministration, to register with the tax system, shall be obliged to issue invoices for transactions they make and to provide their TaxpayersIdentification Numbers (TIN) and those of their transacting parties in theirinvoices, contracts and other similar documents. They are also required tosubmit the list of their transactions to the aforementioned Administration.

What is article 48 of direct taxes act is about

Shares and partnership shares of all Iranian companies referred to in the Commercial Law, except those of cooperative companies, shall be subject to the Stamp Duty at the rate of 0.005% of their face value. Note: The Stamp Duty of partnership shares of companies shall be paid, through cancellation of stamps, within two months from the date of legal registration of the company, and in case of capital increase and additional shares from the date of registration of capital increase, with the Companies Registration Office. Any increase in the capital of the companies that previously decreased their capital shall be exempt from the Stamp Duty, up to the amount on which the same duty had been previously paid.

What is article 95 of direct taxes act is about

Failing to file a tax return by the legal persons shall be subject to a fine equal to 30% of the applicable tax (they have to submit such tax returns until the end of Tir (June 21) of the following year).

What is article 198 of direct taxes act is about

In dissolved companies, the liquidators of the legal persons and in other companies, the liquidators of non-governmental legal persons shall, collectively or individually, have joint and several liability, together with the legal person itself, for the payment of the entity’s income tax and for the taxes for which the legal person is required, under the provisions of this Actor the VAT Act, to withhold, collect or remit the tax amounts, where the latter taxes have been finalized during the term of their office. Such liability, however, does not prevent the guarantors from making their claims againstthe legal person.

What is article 199 of direct taxes act is about

Every real or legal person who is required, according to the provisions of this Act, to withhold and remit the other taxpayers’ taxes, but fails to comply with the prescribed duties, shall be subject to a fine equal to10% of the outstanding tax within the due time limit and a further fine equalto 2.5% of the outstanding tax for each month of delay in the payment as of the due date of payment, in addition to having joint and several liability with the taxpayer for the payment of the applicable tax.

What is article 97 of direct taxes act is about

Where the taxpayer refrains from presenting the books without a plausible excuse, the taxable income shall be assessed through ex officio assessment with the judgement of the board of directors.

What is article 53 of direct taxes act is about

The taxable income of the leased real estate consists of the total rent, whether in cash or otherwise, less a deduction of 25% to cover expenses, depreciations and commitments of the owner with regard to the leased property.