Registration of an Industrial design

What is the industrial design of a product

Any composition of lines or colors or any three dimensional form, whether or not associated with lines or colors, provided that such composition or form gives a special appearance to a product of industry or handicraft

Why we should register the industrial design of a product

We should register an industrial design if it is new and or original to prevent misuse of the product or copying of its shape and form. In doing so, we can monopolize the manufactured product.

How long is the validation date of the industrial design of a product

The registration of an industrial design shall be valid for a period of five years. This period may be renewed for two further consecutive periods of five years.

Is it possible to renew the industrial design of a product

Yes. After expiry, a period of six months shall be allowed or they must apply six months before the date of the application registeratio.

How can we renew the industrial design of a product

After expiry of each period that starts at the end of the said period, in the system, you must choose the renewal application for the period of 5 months. A grace period of six months shall be allowed for the payment of the renewal fee and a fine for late payment shall be considered. After the payment, it shall be renewed for the period of 5 years.

How many months shall be required for the registration of the industrial design of a product

Upon the experts' agreement, the acceptable advertisement of approval shall be issued. After the registration fee was paid, a registration number shall be issued within 5 to 10 working days and registered ultimately.

What are the required documents for registering the industrial design of a product

National identification card and birth certificate, postal code, fixed phone number, mobile number of the owner in case there was a business certificate or license and e-mail.

What documents are required for the registration of company industrial design

Company Documents (Company Establishment Gazette, Advertisement of Final Changes), Business Certificate or License, Introduction of representative and Company Individual with Signature Authority

What are the designer’s rights in the industrial design

Operation license, exporting and manufacturing, product manufacturing and sell, importation of items containing the industrial design at that time

Is it possible for another person to be the owner of the design, other than the designer himself/herself

Yes, it can be

Is it possible for the designer and investor to be the owner of the industrial design, simultaneously

Yes, it can be

What is the industrial design certificate

It is a certificate by which the ownership of the product shall be given to its owner, and he/she can make use of the product, import, and export

What is the process of an industrial design registration

  • To register at the system (entering personal and company information
  • To submit documents, affidavit (personal or company) for obtaining the signature certificate
  • To edit product photo, and writing the exact description and title of the product
  • To obtain tracking code and deposit

What must we do if an individual registered our industrial design

The registered owner of an Industrial design may institute court proceedings against any person who performs any of the acts including exploitation of a registered industrial design e.g., making and selling without his/her consent, or performs acts which make it likely that future infringement will occur.

Is it possible to defend an industrial design after the registration

Any interested person may request the court to invalidate the registration of an industrial design. For this purpose, the said person requesting the invalidation must prove that any of the requirement of articles 20 and 21 is not fulfilled or that the registered owner of the industrial design is not the creator or his successor in title.

Is it possible to register a cartoon character as the industrial design

No. The cartoon character must be registered in the form of a logo and the manufactured doll can be registered

If product packaging is along with the name, is it possible to register the package before registering the name

No, the package cannot be registered as long as the symbol has not been registered.

For the industrial design of a product having the potential to be registered but never been registered before, is it possible to invent it

An industrial design right is just about the appearance or aesthetic features of a product. However, if the product has technical, innovative and industrial applications, we shall call it an invention.

What strategies can be recommended to prevent an individual from registering a similar industrial design

Similar industrial designs must be monopolized.

How much similarity can prevent an industrial design from being not registered

The similarity must be above 30%.

Is it possible to register the product performance as a design

The performance cannot be registered (the Office shall declare conditional refusal).

In case the color changes, is it required for the design to be registered

No, color cannot be registered and it shall not be considered as a criterion.

Is it possible to monopolize color of an industrial design

The size, color, and quality of an industrial design shall not lead to ownership.

How many products can be registered in an industrial design

Two or three industrial designs from a category can be stated and submitted in the deceleration, e.g., furniture set, dinner plates, sets and collections of mind games such as jigsaw puzzle.

In case different types of designs establish a comprehensive design, is it possible to register all together

If these designs are like the above-mentioned set, they can be registered all together provided they are in a similar form.

What is the difference between a design and an invention

A design is just about external configuration; however an invention refers to technical manufacturing, application and use of an innovative object.

What method do you suggest for an invention and industrial design to be registered, simultaneously

We can apply for both to the Office of Industrial Property, simultaneously and then can register the product as an invention and also its design.

Is the product monopolized by the owner of industrial design

Yes. He/ she can transfer the operation license to another person with the help of its authorization.

What items can be registered as an industrial design

Any type of pattern(s) and 3-d photos and model or product with just an appearance shall be registered as an industrial design.

What can we do about the person who registered the product that we didn't register

The person who registered the product shall be legally allowed to exploit.

What is the application of the industrial design registration in today’s competitive market

Due to the increased speed of transferring information in the social media, a version of the industrial design may be copied in case it wasn’t registered and thus be exploited. Registering an industrial design can lead to the acquisition of monopoly of production, sale, and importation.

In social media, what is the advantage of registering an industrial design

In case the industrial design possess the main registration number, blocking and deactivating the pages being misusing shall be done using default Instagram page.

Is it required for every product similar to above mentioned owned by one person to be registered

For the products similar or even identical, registration is not required. However, a new registration must be done if there are any differences

Is it possible to register the industrial design of a number of products that solely possess discrete appearances and performances, simultaneously

Is it possible to register, separately.

When will we able to use industrial design

If proved, you can proceed from the date of submitting the application and even 6 months before.